Friday, December 17, 2010

There And Back Again... A Digiciv Tale

"If I take one more step, it'll be the furthest from [my] home[screen] I've ever been."          - Samwise Gamgee
Wow! I am in constant amazement. The entire semester has flown by already. Looking back, I feel like I have learned a ton!

The overarching lesson I feel like I have learned this semester is how to be a contributing digital citizen. For so many years now, I have been just a passive “taker” of information and have not really done anything substantial to contribute to the online discussion and culture. I feel like this class has empowered with the skill set and the confidence necessary to become a contributing digital citizen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why I Chose To Make A Mormon Messages Video

The reason I wanted to do this project is fairly simple. I wanted to create media that would help people to feel the Spirit. In our digital age, with decreased attention spans, people are less likely to read an entire conference talk, especially if they are not members of the church. The reason I am so excited about this project it provides a way to us help people consume and connect in the way they might not have otherwise been able to.

I felt like this project would be a great opportunity to become a digital member missionary.

Mormon Messages – Connecting With Others

One of things I enjoyed about making our Mormon Messages Video is the chance that it has allowed us to connect with others.

First of all, we were able to meet a ton of fantastic families and kids that provided us with great material to use. By the time we were finished interviewing the kids, we had built a great friendship and connections with the families. Those families are now more interested in Mormon Messages videos and are excited to see our final product.

Documenting Our Adventures - The Making of the Film

This is our quest. Here are some photos of us doing the editing for our video!

Consume - Google Documents

So I realized I had one Consume digital civ lab left to do, so I thought I'd do some research on Google Documents (Docs). Google Documents are an efficient way of collaborating and consuming information. Google Docs use the principle of cloud computing. Instead of saving data locally on your hard drive, Google Docs saves the information on Google servers.

There are several advantages to cloud computing. Here are just a few:

1) You can access your information anywhere in the world providing that you have internet access
2) Cloud computing allows several people to make edits to the document in real-time.

The following are screenshots of how to create a Google Doc:

Lessons learned from making a Mormon Messages video - Filming

This is the first time I have ever made a documentary style film. Throughout the course of making the video I have learned ton of lessons in filming. I thought I ‘d share a few of those lessons, coupled with some funny experiences with our film shoots.
Photo from Jing Qu (Flickr)

Try to film as much as you can – Always be filming! Some of the best comments and/or shots we filmed were from kids during unplanned and unscripted moments. The little girl saying, “Can I take a break?” and my niece stretching and then playing with tongue both came during unexpected moments. By filming as much as you can, you are more likely to capture the best moments, the moments that truly capture the personality and character of the kids.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

CONSUME - Searching!

So I was looking through my blog posts and I saw that I had done multiple digital literacy labs on Create and Connect, however, to my horror, I realized I had neglected to fully cover Consume. So without adieu, here are two of digital literacy Consume labs focused two subjects which I discovered
to be pretty insightful and fascinating.


Using a search engine is by the far the most popular and, can be, one of the most effective means of finding and accessing information on the internet. With unbelievable amounts of information available to us, it’s important for all us budding digital citizens to know how to search efficiently and effectively.

For this digital literacy lab I took at look at searching in general. The following are a few methods of searching that, when used properly, can save the searcher tons of time: